Waterspouts - July 12th, 2004 - Islamorada, FL
by Martin Kucera
(c)2004 - FloridaLightning.com
Every storm chaser is going to intercept something like the smallest waterspout or tornado or a relatively weak hurricane.
It does not mean the event is any less exciting or enriching at all. Well, this was the day for me.
This was the smallest waterspout I have ever seen in my life. I wondered how it came to survive for so long
and how such a narrow vortex can hold together given its length.
florida keys waterspout
florida keys waterspout
The mature waterspout is on the left The tiny funnel
progressing from the bottom of the cloud line on the very
right side of the picture later becomes a waterspout. But it is
too dark for my older camcorder to pick it up.
The Florida Bay just before sunset. The light was so low it
took me a minute to adjust my eyes to be able to spot the
waterspout. If you were not looking for one you would
certainly not be able to find it.
florida keys waterspout
florida keys waterspout
If it were not for a light spot in the background I would
have never noticed these waterspouts.
All these images are camcorder snapshots and unfortunately  
                       I don`t have any still images...
florida waterspout
keys waterspout
florida keys waterspout
florida keys waterspout shower
florida keys waterspout video
(c) 2004 - www.FloridaLightning.com