The Island of Kauai, HI - 2007
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Having visited this amazing island in 2004 I knew we would be back one day. It only took three
years and this time around, a lot more planning. We were going to attempt the gorgeous,
unforgiving Kalalau trail again, hopefully ready for any unforeseen inconveniences. And one
more time we had to apply for a camping permit about six months in advance...
After completing the Kalalau trail (it turned out to be a great success), I had an urge and a plan to
hike inside a volcano - Mt. WaiAleAle - that is known as the rainiest place on Earth. We also took
a nice sunset sail trip along the unbelievable Na Pali coast, watching whales, dolphins, turtles and
photographing the green, razor sharp looking ridges and numerous sea caves along the way. The
four photos below each represent a separate episode from our journey. Clicking on each of them
will take you on a particular trip along with photos, videos and travel notes. Enjoy...
Kalalau Trail
Mt. WaiAleAle
Nualolo - Awaawapuhi Trail
Na Pali Coast Catamaran Sail
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