Welcome  and  thank  you   for  visiting   FloridaLightning.com   and   also
WaterspoutVideo.com ( in near future ). I was born in  Czech Republic and
first traveled to the United States in 1997. I was 18 years old. After visiting
just  about every US state with  the exception of Alaska I came to beautiful
Florida Keys in 2000 and stayed here ever since. I have lived in Key Largo,
Tavernier  and  Islamorada.  First  you like the Keys, then  sometimes  you
hate  them.  They  are not  like  the mainland  when it comes to every day
living.  You  truly  live  in  the  islands  by  all  means.   Shopping  malls,
cinemas,   golf  courses  and  other  things  of  that  nature  are  not  readily
available in the Keys on daily basis although there are some. We also have
just one major road - the Overseas Highway (US 1) that starts in Key West
at MM 0 (mile marker) and goes on till about MM 126 where it connects to
the mainland Florida. Florida Keys are really about relaxing, enjoying the
tropical breezes and most of all, about slowing down... There is plenty to do
in the Keys if have the right mindset. You can choose from fishing, diving
or just snorkeling on some of the best reefs around, in fact, this is the only
living coral reef in north America. You  can also drink and party until you
hit the ground. There is plenty of that around here, Key West is especially
good  for  this.  If you  stay long enough and  keep on living relaxing life I
can  almost promise you are  going to  be  captivated by the unique beauty
and  atmosphere  of  the Florida Keys  forever.  Florida Keys are incredibly
rich in natural history. Shipwrecks, Indian wars, Spanish treasure fleets...

Florida Bay and Everglades National Park in such a close proximity provide
endless opportunities for traveling, hiking, kayaking, photography or just
leisure time year round. The beauty, tranquility and rich history of Lower
Keys, Key West and Dry Tortugas N.P. could use a chapter of their own...

Wet season ( May through September ) brings hurricanes,  tropical storms,  
intense summer thunderstorms often with waterspouts, lightning and the
most incredible colors, water views and sunsets you can imagine. A true
heaven for  someone  with  a  passion for  unusual  weather  phenomena.
During rainy season it gets quite humid  but it  is  not  as  bad since  we
always  seem  to get a bit of breeze  coming  off  the  waters surrounding
Florida Keys  and that makes  it  actually quite comfortable.  Now if you
just came here from up north,  it  will feel very humid as you might not
be used to such high levels of humidity.

During dry season the Keys are a true paradise for people who like fishing,
diving, sailing, snorkeling, boating or just hanging around water.
During this time weather is "perfect" with blue sky,
dry air, no mosquitoes and plenty of sunshine.

I fit perfectly into this wild and unpredictable environment. You can travel
anywhere in the world from here and then come home back to your island
paradise and not be worried whether you need a winter jacket or snow
shoes to make your trip back home from the airport.

I have been traveling all across the U.S. in search of thunderstorms for
nearly a decade. Lightning has been my passion since childhood...
I used to be terrified by lightning beyond belief... sometime during
my teenage years this incredible fear turned into a serious passion
and eventually led to this website you are visiting today.

Living in the Keys also led to another passion, perhaps much more serious
than lightning. For Florida Keys are known as the "Waterspout Capital of
the World"...  I have become absolutely obsessed with forecasting and
chasing waterspouts on land, by air or boat... and have been doing just
that on an unsurpassed level for nearly a decade. And it is only
getting more serious of an affair as time goes by. Please check
back often as my work will most likely concentrate more
and more on waterspout chasing and research.

My passion with unusual weather and travel is focused on one point only.
To find the calmness, peace and the most incredible beauty the nature has
to offer by means of severe and unusual weather events. Even a half a mile
wide tornado over Texas prairie can have incredible calmness and peace to
it. Thunderstorms provide amazing colors and beauty of the sky. It is
my everyday challenge and pleasure to go out there and trying to
find something more spectacular than the day before....

Starting this summer I'd like to kick things up a notch. I will go anywhere
in the world to find what I am looking for. And then I am going to share it
on these pages with you. I am constantly working on updates with a lot of
writing and short stories from my various encounters and hope you
will be able to follow, relax and enjoy it with me...

All my best,
                                                                   Martin Kucera
Martin Kucera
Martin Kucera
(c) 2009 - FloridaLightning.com
Martin Kucera