The Best of Storm Season 2007
February 12th - A strong, rotating thunderstorm with supercellular characteristics prompted a rare tornado warning for the
upper Florida Keys. Insane amount of lightning occurred with this storm during the time it was tornado warned. I shot some
nice video from underneath a nearby bridge that provided a clear view and a partial cover, at least from all the heavy rain.
Video (click here) from this event reveals amazing motions at the base of this storm and a short lived but persistent
funnel/tornado/waterspout. It is very hard to judge with the amount of rain obscuring the base of the storm.
Florida Keys supercell Thunderstorm
Feb 28th - There has been quite an active weather pattern over south Florida and the Keys for the past few days. This early
morning a potent  line of thunderstorms fired just south of Key West and displayed an unprecedented lightning show with
nearly continuous lightning activity for several hours, cloud tops reaching about 50.000 feet and cloud top temperatures of - 68F.
I tracked the storms all night but abundance of haze / bad visibility coupled with  distance of the thunderstorms provided no
real opportunity for good lightning photography. Nevertheless, what a great lightning event to watch. With March already in
progress and pattern slowly changing only for better I sure hope the lightning activity will be on  increase quite soon. April has
always been great when it comes to lightning and spectacular thunderstorms. We are almost there.
March 15th & 16th - A great two day lightning chase. Would call it "Inside of Thunderstorm" - got some great close up shots of
an lightning active updraft tower of a mature thunderstorm.
Florida Keys Lightning close up
Florida Keys Lightning
April 10-12 - The second week of April certainly did not disappoint, just like a year ago widespread thunderstorms affected
south Florida and the Keys bringing severe weather along - small hail, gusty winds and in some cases nearly continuous
lightning. I spent two days chasing around south Florida. Click above for a complete account.
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April 20th - I decided to go ahead and fly out to Oklahoma this weekend. The setup is quite favorable on
Saturday and also early next week so I will stay in the area till Thursday. I'll bring you daily updates
concerning this potentially significant severe weather episode here over the weekend and the upcoming week.
April 23rd - A great day of storm chasing in SW Kansas. Filmed several tornadoes, including a large one ( above)
crossing the road several hundred yards ahead of me, near Protection, KS.
large tornado Protection Kansas
Tornado Alley tornado Kansas Tornadic Supercell with Tornado
April 24th - Another tornado today, in central Kansas for change. Great looking supercell with an amazing
structure just before sunset. Quite a close encounter again.
Click on above photo for a video (13.8 MB)
Kansas Tornadic Supercell with Tornado
Kansas Tornadic Supercell with Tornado
Kansas Tornadic Supercell with Tornado
Kansas Tornadic Supercell with Tornado
Kansas Tornadic Supercell with Tornado
Kansas Tornadic Supercell with Tornado
Severe storm Florida Keys
Severe storm Florida Keys
Severe storm Florida Keys
Severe storm Florida Keys
Severe storm Florida Keys
Severe storm Florida Keys
Severe storm Florida Keys
Severe storm Florida Keys
Space Shuttle Endeavour
Space Shuttle Endeavour
Space Shuttle Endeavour
Space Shuttle Endeavour
Space Shuttle Endeavour
Space Shuttle Endeavour
Space Shuttle Endeavour - successful launch from Cape Canaveral, FL - Aug 8th, 2007
severe thunderstorm Florida
severe thunderstorm Florida
Severe Thunderstorm near Fort Lauderdale, FL on July 23rd, 2007.
May 3rd - I decided to make another trip to the Plains for
yet another round of severe weather. Decent potential
exists for large hail and tornadoes, especially between
May 4th and 7th.
Will bring all updates here again as the weekend
trip progresses forward.
Greensburg Tornado Damage
May 4th -  A single supercell unleashed it's fury in south central
Kansas. I tracked this storm from just south of Protection, KS till
3am when I called the chase off due to weakening of this long
lived supercell. Unfortunately it managed to produce many
damaging tornadoes along it's path. A very eerie evening
in south central and central Kansas tonight as
most of the action unfolded well after dark.
Click on the above photo for video (28MB) of the very beginnings
of this monster supercell (shot just south of Protection, KS).
Kansas wall cloud tornadic supercell
May 5th - Filmed a couple of cone tornadoes today. High risk
turned out to be a day of messy weather. Storms were
widespread across Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. This was
a second day of severe weather following last night's outbreak.
Today the supercells tracked pretty much over the same areas
where they produced incredible damage last night. Hopefully
tomorrow the area can finally take some rest from this ongoing
severe weather episode. I'll be chasing again tomorrow.
Click here for Greensburg, KS damage photo
Click here for Greensburg, KS Wedge Tornado Photo
Click here for Greensburg, KS Supercell Photo
Florida Keys Waterspout Lower keys
May 12th - Filmed a nice afternoon waterspout in the Lower Keys.
Florida Keys Lightning Storm
May 17th - A lightning fest happened tonight. An outflow boundary
moved south from the Everglades and triggered some vivid
storms just before midnight. A short lived, intense thunderstorm
produced multiple strong lightning bolts including several
positively charged lightning strikes. Hopefully we are fully in wet  
season here in the Florida Keys. Time for some large waterspouts.
tornadic Supercell thunderstorm
May 23rd - My today's chase vehicle got all beat up by
golf ball sized hail in Oklahoma panhandle. Later this evening I
photographed a very nice looking supercell in Texas panhandle. I
was also able to film a short lived distant tornado associated with
this storm. Our annual chase tour to this great land is planned to
start on June 4th and should last till June 17th, 2007.
June 1st, 2007 - The official first day of the Atlantic hurricane
season and we had a Tropical Storm Barry form today already.
Barry is quite close and already impacting my home islands. As of
11pm EDT it is located about 195 mile west of Key West, FL. We
already had a waterspout this morning in the Lower Keys that
made a landfall as a tornado producing some damage to the roof
of a house. This evening there was another waterspout induced
tornado warning for the Upper Keys.
And as I am writing this we have a tornado warning for Middle
Keys and the city of Marathon, FL about 30 miles to my south. It is
going to be a busy night. Unfortunately there has been no
lightning with these fast moving cells so far. That would help a lot
in observing these night time waterspouts. I guess I am going to
have to wait for daylight to be able to go out and try to intercept a
couple of good looking cells associated with Tropical storm Barry.
Wow. Florida needed rain so bad due to extreme drought
conditions and help is on the way. I'll be updating this page quite
frequently now as the hurricane season is here. We are also still
planning our annual tornado alley trip to begin on Monday
depending on local conditions and the overall setup in Midwest.
For more information on Tropical storm Barry please follow this
link to National Hurricane Center.
June 2nd - A former Tropical storm Barry is only a depression
Barry now... we've had tropical storm force winds here for the
duration of the night here in the Florida Keys and even several
reports of tropical storms force winds in the Lower Keys early this
morning. By mid afternoon there are still a few weak looking bands
quickly moving through the Upper Keys. Heavy rain in places and
some gusty winds is all we are getting now. Seems like the threat
for tornadoes and tropical storm associated waterspouts is over.
Will watch the skies for the rest of the afternoon and then my
attention will turn toward the Midwest and tornadoes.
wall cloud tornadic supercell thunderstorm
Severe Thunderstorm - August 6th - Severe thunderstorm over Key Largo and waters of Florida Bay.
Frequent lightning, damaging winds and small hail occurred with this thunderstorm.
South Dakota Tornadic supercell thunderstorm
South Dakota Tornadic supercell thunderstorm
June 6th - Supercell south of Badlands, N.P. in South
Dakota today. Incredibly picturesque storm although
very much outflow dominant. This supercell quickly
gusted out and died as soon as it approached I-90 near
Murdo, SD. What a nice initial chase of our annual trip.
SPC has a High risk for much of Wisconsin tomorrow
but we are heading down to Oklahoma City instead.
South Dakota Tornadic supercell thunderstorm
June 11th - South Dakota Severe Thunderstorm
florida keys lightning Tavernier
July 4th - A great number of waterspouts occurred along the
Florida Keys during June of 2007. I happened to miss most of
them. Majority of the waterspouts formed in the Lower Keys.
Fortunately the best time for waterspouts is still ahead of us -
during July, especially August and also during September.
I'll be ready and even taking some time off from work
to be able to film these wonders in high definition.
Beginning of July brought lots of heat and humidity to the Keys.
Strong storms and vivid lightning displays have been happening
almost daily. Very exciting times in the upcoming couple of
months ahead of us with plenty to report and put on these pages.
We are coming into the prime lightning season here in south
Florida and Florida Keys. Hurricanes are also going to be
increasingly likely in the weeks to come... I can not wait !
Florida Keys cloud line
June 30th - Florida Keys developing cloud line - photo taken
an hour after midnight over waters of the Atlantic ocean.
July 15th  - Strong sunset thunderstorm west of Marathon, FL.
More photos coming here soon...
florida keys lightning Marathon
florida keys lightning
July 16th - One of the best lightning events so far this year.
Strong thunderstorms fired just east of the Upper Keys
tonight. Complete gallery coming soon...
florida keys lightning
florida keys positive lightning superbolt
July 18th - A night of giant lightning bolts... lightning intense
thunderstorms keep moving over the Upper Keys early this
morning. Days and nights of vivid lightning storms continue....
fair weather waterspout florida keys
July 27th - Captured a video of a classic Lower Florida Keys
waterspout. This ten minute waterspout was quite small and
rope like but fully mature with a spray ring. It developed under
a lightning active thunderstorm in the Lower Keys just after
1pm. Hope to see more tomorrow. Click on the above image
for a short low-res video of the waterspout ( 19MB ).
large waterspout Florida Keys
Florida Keys Waterspout near Islamorada, FL - Aug 14th, 2007
dry tortugas thunderstorm Fort Jefferson
August 13th - A great trip by boat to Dry Tortugas National
Park. It was a day of great snorkeling, sun and  interesting
marine weather including several funnel clouds. This was my
second trip to the Fort Jefferson and for sure not the last one.
Click on the above image for Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson
highlight video. ( It is a large file - 82 MB ).
Long lived Waterspout near Tavernier, FL - Aug 15th, 2007
Full account & video coming here soon...
August 25th - Filmed a large waterspout just north of
Marathon, FL and another fully mature, long lasting
waterspout just minutes later over the ocean south of
the Seven Mile Bridge. Click above for complete account.
Florida Keys waterspout Islamorada
August 26th - Waterspout formed just south of Upper
Matecumbe Key at 8am. It traveled north to reach the island
minutes later. I was in my car on the highway when the
waterspout moved right above me and dissipated quickly.
Large FLorida Keys Waterspout Marathon
Violent Florida Keys waterspout Tavernier
Sept 4th - A beautiful early morning waterspout just south of
Lower Matecumbe Key. This waterspout was already present
and fully mature at 640am and dissipated at about 655am.
A picture perfect morning with lots of thunder in the area, too.
Jim Leonard filmed this waterspout from a beach near
his place - a far better and closer vantage point.
Florida Keys Waterspout Islamorada
Florida lightning positive bolt
Sept 4th - What a great  day it turned out to be. On top of the
morning waterspout Islamorada got treated to a great
lightning show tonight. Numerous huge lightning bolts finally
made this season lightning worthy. Been waiting for
quite some time for an event like this.
florida keys waterspout
Mature waterspout forms near
No Name Key, FL during
early morning hours. An
amazing spray ring with this one.
lightning florida keys
September 8th - Lightning active evening brought an
amazing thunderstorm on the ocean side during sunset
hours. Later at night lightning activity was also increasing
over and near Miami and the Upper Keys. Some storms
even became severe later at night over the Everglades.
kayaking florida keys
September 11th - Relaxing and enjoying the last of warm
days. Today I was kayaking the beautiful flats just north
of the Lower Keys, hoping for a waterspout to happen.  
florida keys lightning storm
September 13th - Unbelievable how fast these lightning bolts
were coming out of the top of a single cell storm just
south of Islamorada, FL.
florida keys lightning storm
florida keys waterspout
florida keys waterspout
September 20th - Multiple waterspouts developed along a
cloud line some 20 miles NW of Islamorada, FL. One of the
waterspouts was quite persistent and lasted for about thirty
minutes, taking on all different kinds of shapes and sizes.
Intra-cloud lightning over the ocean with bright planet Venus
visible on September 30th, 2007. Planet Saturn is also present,
the second brightest object below to the left of planet Venus.
lightning venus florida keys
florida keys thunderstorm lightning
Stormy morning over the historic Indian Key in Islamorada,
FL on September 24th, 2007
space shuttle launch
Space Shuttle Discovery Launch - Mission STS-120
lightning florida keys
Lightning strike on the morning of October 7th, 2007 near
Islamorada, FL. This year has been very bad for lightning
florida keys palms
Islamorada, FL during winter season of 2007