First Ever Tornado Chase
By Martin Kucera -
The first day ever in The Alley.  Little did I know by the time we were getting of the airplane some tornadoes were already on
the ground. We drove straight north from Kansas City toward Iowa and then Minnesota. The following photos were taken
some twenty minutes apart. It is just amazing how fast  things can  happen here. From several puffy clouds it took about one
hour for us to witness several 18-wheelers flipped over in a ditch, hear tornado sirens continuously for one hour while driving,
get pelted by some golf-ball sized hail and videotape a funnel cloud. All in all we came short of tornado but there were about 30
tornadoes reported in Iowa alone. I could have not been happier on my very first chase day here in the Midwest.
(c) 2004
Of course we completely screwed the whole day up. Some spectacular tornadoes formed about fifty miles to our west and the
stuff we got was pretty much the left over outflow dominant garbage. Nevertheless, we had so much blast on this
very first day... and looking back.... of course we had no idea what we were doing whatsoever. Good times....